Meet the Mamas

We are Lisa and Helen – two mums who have known each other since high school and have grown to be the type of friends that don’t hold back when it comes to telling each other how it is.

We have journeyed through many of life’s exciting milestones together including marriage, pregnancy, birthing our babes, turning 30 and enjoying (enduring!) motherhood.

Lisa is a journalist, freelance writer and mother to two gorgeous little girls, Annabelle (6), Penny (3) and baby Jacob (newborn). She’s a super loud social butterfly, health food fanatic, sleep Nazi, family focused, busy, organised chaos maker who often has 50 things on the go at once but that’s just the way she likes it!

Helen is currently a stay at home mum to Lenny (6), Stella (3) and baby Hazel (6 months).  When she’s not at home with the babies, she’s busy organising events having worked in the industry for the past ten years. An organised lover of lists, social media guru, home décor junky (founder of @i_heart_kmart), cricket widow and always the optimist, Helen’s passion is helping people to see the best in themselves no matter what their situation or circumstance.

Mama loves to share is an extension of us; it’s the places we love to go, the food we love to eat, the things we love to buy, the women who inspire us by making us want to kick arse in life and the joys and jokes we experience through motherhood.